Is sterling silver good for jewelry?

When it comes to jewelry nowadays sterling silver plays a big role, why sterling silver is the best choice for you? We going to address that but firstly we need to know what is sterling silver.


What is sterling silver (925 sterling silver)?

Sterling silver is %92.5 by weight silver and %7.5 by weight metals, usually copper, copper is solid enough to add strength to silver, but why it isn't just silver? Like I mentioned before by adding other metals with silver it gives strength, silver is soft metal if it is %100 silver it wouldn't be strong enough to be jewelry.


What makes sterling silver your best choice

✓ Affordability

Some of us prefer gold and diamond, in fact we are all in love with shiny diamond or white gold but imagine your self-buying a ring or necklace with sparkling diamond and stuck with it for years, with sterling silver you can buy a set of jewelry every month. So, with every paycheck you can walk to the work with a new set of jewelry, this is why I prefer sterling silver over expensive jewelry.


✓ Keep up with the trends

 you can keep up with trends, in fast-fashion world is everything changing in fast pace, you always want to keep up with new jewelry styles.


✓ Endless options

With sterling silver jewelry there is endless options of styles, every woman has her own personal style, you will always find yours.



     This infographic illustrates what I mean



The infographic shows the difference between Jessica and Hannah, a fast recap, Jessica bought an expensive ring in February, the price was $2200 for the ring, so she has no budget left for jewelry, end of the year she spent $2200 for single ring. Hannah instead she bought sterling silver jewelry which is crazy affordable when to compare it with gold, end of the year she spent $303 for more than collection.



Things to consider when buying sterling silver

Over time, sterling silver it can be tarnish to dark grey or black if it's extremely tarnished, it's tarnishes faster in areas like high humidity and open air. Make sure to take care of your precious jewelry to save its sparkle and last forever.




It all depends on the costumer buying decision, if you like to be creative with your styles or like to follow the trends, sterling silver is for you, but if you don't like to follow the trends or you have a higher budget for jewelry, gold and diamonds are for you.



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